How things work

The Nature Space Experience

How the resort works and amenities available to enhance your experience

Derived from the words “glamorous” and “camping”, glamping is an outdoor escape that combines the closeness to nature associated with camping with the luxury and convenience of proper self-catered accommodation. It is a form of outdoor holidaying that means you don’t need to bring your own tent, sleeping bags and paraphernalia—instead, you can turn up to an accommodation waiting for you that is already kitted out with all the essentials that you need.

There are many different takes and versions of glamping all over the world. Our version of Glamping or Luxury Camping is where stunning nature meets modern luxury. It’s a way to experience the natural world in this unique part of the world —without having to sacrifice creature comforts. Below is more details on how our experience works and how we have created spaces to help you rest, relax and rejuvenate and immerse yourself in nature while you slow down the pace of our busy lives.


Our Authentic Mongolian Yurts are luxury sleeping pods that are nestled in nature to provide a quiet and restorative experience. Each yurt has it’s own private hot tub on your 10×24 deck overlooking the woods. 

Our yurts have locally made furniture from reclaimed wood from Island barns. Our yurts are suitable for up to three adults or a family of four.

There is a queen sized bed with an award winning, Canadian made mattress, a trundle bed that doubles as a sofa containing two twin mattresses (from same award winning mattress company) made up with quality linens and blankets. There is also a small seating area near the woodstove to play board games, relax with a good book, or lounge for a fireside chat.

To make your stay comfortable we have tried to fully stock your yurt so you don’t have to worry about packing everything! In your yurt you will have a small mini fridge to store beverages, and the yurts have fresh water jugs, a coffee maker set up for tea and coffee, water glasses, wine glasses and wine opener! You will also find your yurt equipped with towels & facecloths as well as robes for the hot tubs. They also have flashlights, an umbrella, woodstove with extra wood and kindling for cooler months and an air conditioner for the summer months.

Your outdoor space includes a deck outside the yurt with hot tub and hammock (during warm weather) as well as a small gravel area with a picnic table and a private campfire area for you!

There is no washroom or kitchen facilities in our luxury sleeping pods. Guests have access to our beautiful Bee Hive building with multiple kitchens and washrooms. Read more on the Bee Hive below…

The Bee Hive building is a place to gather, cook, eat and hang out. It is a well appointed building with two full kitchens as well as a variety of private washrooms and showers. This is where folks staying in the yurts come to use kitchen and washroom facilities. This is the camping part of glamping, however, you will be pleasantly surprised by the cozy style and how well equipped the kitchen is with dishes, pots & pans and all the cookware and utensils you will need! 

  • The kitchen – This area is yours to use. Each yurt is assigned an area within a fridge. This is your space to store food and beverages. The kitchen is your area to prepare food. You are welcome to use any of the dishes, utensils, appliances, etc in the kitchen. We only ask that you clean up after yourself.  To help with this, each yurt is assigned a separate set of colour-coded dishes and utensils.  Pots, pans, and other larger utensils and appliances are shared. Please ensure that when you are done with this space, it is left clean and tidy and all dishes are put away. The kitchen area is unstaffed, so in order to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable space to cook and eat in, everyone needs to work together to maintain this area. 
  • The dining area/lounge- The Hive contains a plethora of board games, puzzles, and books for your enjoyment. You’re welcome to take any of these things back to your yurt if you’d prefer to play, build or read it in your yurt. If you’re taking games, books or puzzles from the lounge, please sign them out on the sign out sheet located with the games. If you notice pieces missing from puzzles or board games, please let us know. This is also a space to gather as groups, to enjoy meals together and rest and relax.

  • The fire table lounge area is outdoors but under shelter making it accessible rain, snow or shine. The fire table is propane operated, and guests are welcome to use it throughout the day. Instructions are included, but if you’re struggling to get it lit, please let us know. 
  • Bathrooms- The bathroom area is a shared space but has separate toilet and shower rooms enclosed within it. One room is a full bathroom, holding a bathtub/shower combo. This is particularly useful for bathing little ones after a day at the beach. There are two other separate toilet rooms and another separate shower room!

For those that aren’t sure they want to experience the “camping part of glamping” and want to have a washroom and kitchen in their unit we have a couple of options to allow you to enjoy Nature Space Resort!

The Eagle’s Nest Loft is an incredibly special, one-bedroom unit is self-contained hosting its own full service kitchen (including a dishwasher) and its own two-piece bathroom (standup shower). What makes it so special is its location in the trees. The views from the windows are fabulous, but the real show-stopper is the deck, which is 12 feet off the ground with breathtaking views of the lake, garden, and property and an exceptional view of the night sky. To get to the loft requires mounting a fair number of stairs, so this accommodation is not well suited for those with mobility or balance issues. The loft is also furnished with reclaimed wood furniture that suits up to a family of four. There is a queen sized bed with a Douglas mattress by Good Morning, a trundle bed that doubles as a sofa containing two twin mattresses (also made by Good Morning), and a kitchen table and coffee table for playing board games (of which there is a good selection already in the loft).

We also have the GlowBug Cottage is a cute 2-bedroom cottage surrounded by forests and trails. It is connected to Nature Space Resort and shares all of the amenities at the resort including a meditation walking labyrinth, a sauna, the lake and private dock, kayak/paddleboard rentals, a yoga yurt space for classes or your private practice and trails throughout. Come back to rest after a day of adventure in this tranquil spot. A marvellous space to take in our spectacular starry nights!

Additional Amenities

Yoga Yurt

The Great Blue Heron Yurt is the large 30’ yurt that is home to the yoga studio where yoga and meditation classes are taught, and also the spot for retreats and events like small weddings, family reunions, and our music venue. When events are not happening in this yurt, guests of the resort are welcome to use it for their own personal yoga or meditation practice. It is stocked with yoga mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, and other props to assist your practice.

Boutique & Gift Shop

This lovely yurt is our home base. It contains the office, registration, a smaller more private fireplace lounge area (with internet access), and our boutique featuring amazing local products and also some essential sundries that you may have forgotten to bring along with you (like sunscreen, aloe, bug spray, etc). We also have seasonal products featured from our gardens, baked goods, and eggs from our fabulous chickens for you to purchase here.


Adjoining the Boathouse is the sauna. The sauna is available for all guests and seats up to four people (seated). The sauna is electric, and is easy to use. Instructions for the sauna are posted beside the control panel in the anteroom of the sauna. An expansion with shower and cold water bucket dunk is coming in the spring of 2023 as well to expand our thermal experience options for our guests.

Dock & Watersports

The dock is accessible for guests and we ask you to be mindful of tours and experiences that may be launching from the dock. We offer kayak and SUP tours as well as rentals. The dock has solar lights helping to guide your way at night, and it’s one of the best spots on the property to star gaze. It’s also an amazing place to watch the sunset and we have some of the most incredible sunsets here over the lake!

Walking Trails

You will find a beautiful creek running through the property, along with many trails through the woods. Here, you can enjoy spectacular sunsets, magnificent starscapes, and can do a little forest bathing. Feel free to explore all areas of the resort including the gardens, trails, and the lake. This is a place for connection, healing, and creativity; a place to experience the natural world around you.

Meditation Walking Labyrinth

For anyone who enjoys meditative walking, the labyrinth is a feature not to be missed. Labyrinth walking is an ancient practice used by many different cultures for spiritual centering, contemplation, meditation, or prayer. The path twists and turns back on itself before reaching the center. At the center, there is a small garden for contemplative practice including meditation, prayer or simple reflection. When you’re done enjoying the garden, walk the path back out to exit the labyrinth.

Garden & Greenhouse

The main vegetable garden is located behind the Eagle’s Nest Loft. We grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables including strawberries and raspberries, beans, peas, carrots, tomatoes, beets, rutabaga, squash, and greens. Seasonal produce and plants are available for sale in the Reception Yurt. The greenhouse is adjacent to the garden beside the sauna and beneath the Eagle’s Nest deck.

Chicken Coop

Nature Space is home to a flock resident chickens. They provide the eggs for our breakfast packages! They love it when people interact with them, and on nice days, you may find them out and about.